About Us.

Oasis procures, secures and maintains legal technology for corporate legal teams, law firms and the vendors that support them. Our unique Platform delivers a custom suite of software in a fully-managed private cloud - that provides access to leading eDiscovery applications, in world-class data centers, for a predictable monthly fee.

Our Mission

We’ve set our mind (heart and hands) to refresh eDiscovery. To drive the movement towards self-service platforms. And, to empower eDiscovery practitioners to focus on what they do best.

We believe in a self-service model. We separate the technical aspects of eDiscovery – software and infrastructure – from the services delivered by project managers and other litigation support professionals.

We focus on the latest advances in data security and compliant infrastructure management. We love finding, testing and integrating the latest technologies into a unified platform. A platform that gives our customers access to a diverse technology toolkit without the burden.

We take care of the technology so you can take care of other things. Things that deliver value to clients. And if you don’t want to manage the process, we have hundreds of service providers willing to help.

Our Story

2012, Oasis started building self-service platforms. Exclusively for eDiscovery vendors. With an emphasis on Relativity. Oasis provides back-end services to some of the industry’s top eDiscovery vendors and consulting groups. That’s how we became known as the “vendor to the vendors.”

From Relativity, we’ve expanded into other review applications, processing tools, advanced analytics platforms, and utilities. We now provide the back-end expertise and resources required to support these apps and tech. Oasis assimilates all our experience, infrastructure design, IT support, and system administration into complete application integration.

For over 5 years, behind the scenes, we honed our skills. Now, we’ve expanded our service from vendors to corporate legal and law firms. With access to leading technology. Without the service bundles. As your de facto private cloud for eDiscovery.

They Trust Us

“We’re proud to count Oasis as a partner, and one we’ve been collaborating with for many years. They do great work for their customers, and we’re excited to shape the future of eDiscovery with them.”

- Andrew Sieja – Founder, CEO kCura

They Trust Us

“As an early adopter of our technology, Oasis has been a valuable partner for a long time now. Their understanding of technology in the eDiscovery space has been a great asset for our team.”

- Dave Copps - Founder, CEO Brainspace

They Trust Us

“Our firm is focused on delivering deep insight and high-value advising services to Fortune 1000 firms around the globe. Partnering with Oasis has given our clients a more comprehensive solution. And, it allows us - our internal team of lawyers - to remain focused on the legal work that we do best.”

- Jerri B. - Global Consulting Firm

They Trust Us

“We chose OASIS because they presented us with a cost-efficient, flexible solution for our business. This gave us access to a platform of technology that, frankly, would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to build on our own. We’ve partnered with Oasis on over 100 matters over the last 5 years, and they have proven themselves again and again.”

- Kevin P. - eDiscovery Service Provider

They Trust Us

“When we moved the hosting of our data and applications from in-house to the Oasis platform, the transition was seamless. We now have more tools at our disposal, and more flexibility to use specialized service providers. And it has made our processing and hosting services costs more predictable.”

- Robert W. - CIO AMLaw 100 firm.


Brandon LAW

Founder, CEO

An entrepreneur at heart, Brandon founded Oasis in 2012. He wanted to establish a fresh perspective on a rapidly changing industry. To define a new horizon. He has successfully assembled a world-class team to handle the most difficult challenges of legal technology. Prior to Oasis, Brandon worked in senior roles at some of eDiscovery’s most well respected service providers and software vendors.


Co-founder, VP Technology Services

As co-founder of Oasis, Jacob brings over 10 years of industry experience in software and process design. He has applied his deep technical knowledge to design, implementation, and management of infrastructure and processes. Before Oasis, Jacob served as the eDiscovery manager at Epiq Systems, and as the Sr. Product Manager for the renowned IPRO application eCapture.



Saleem leads the company’s day-to-day operations. Our rapidly growing data center. R&D. Training and technology operations teams. He has managed world-class teams in a number of respected organizations. From software development to legal operations management, and professional services.


Executive Vice President

Andy has over 20 years of experience in sales leadership and strategy. Of that, 10 years spent exclusively developing vendor relationships in eDiscovery. Prior to leading the Oasis channel partnership team, he worked in senior positions at both software and service providers.


VP of Enterprise Sales

Richard leads the sales team selling directly to the law firms and corporate legal markets. He brings extensive ALM 100 sales leadership to the team. He’s led sales teams for the past 25 years selling online subscriptions, knowledge management systems, eDiscovery solutions and hosted web solutions into the legal markets.

Security Certifications

Oasis has purpose-built our private cloud infrastructure for litigation support to meet the highest standards in security and compliance. Third party agencies regularly audit and certify the physical servers and processes for compliance. The stringent oversight provides our customers with the confidence that comes from knowing exactly where their data is, and exactly who has access to it at any given moment. We build trust.