Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your data center?

Philadelphia, PA

Where is your corporate office?

Los Angeles, CA

What makes you different from other service providers?

We are the only vendor that is exclusively devoted to providing eDiscovery services to other vendors. Although many vendors are willing to do this sort of work, our entire business is built for the wholesale market.

Is there a membership fee?

No. There is no membership/sign-up fee to work with Oasis. Our pricing is directly tied to the services we deliver -- no more, no less.

Is there a contract required to work with Oasis?

There is some legal language - such as an NDA - that we require our partners to agree to, but there is not a contract that would create an exclusive relationship between the parties.

How do I get started, what’s the first step?

First, we should have a conversation about working together and answer any questions you may have. Second, we create a user account on our customer portal and get a mutual NDA in place. Third, we complete a “proof of concept” project for you (free of charge) to make sure we are on the same page (thereby eliminating any surprises on your first “real” project). After the POC we can determine the next steps.

What are your prices for processing, hosting, etc.?

Oasis is more than happy to share all pricing with potential partners. We do not, however, publish pricing on our website for one important reason: it’s unfair to our partners if their customers are aware of their wholesale costs. Please keep in mind that our pricing is flexible, especially in situations where our partners need to discount processing on large projects. We are always willing to adjust our pricing on a per-project basis to ensure our partners are priced competitively.

How do I get the data to Oasis?

There are two ways to get data to and from the data center: ship the physical media or transfer it electronically. Our data center is in Philadelphia, PA and we can receive media 7 days a week. For electronic data transfer (similar to FTP), we have invested in a data-transfer technology that is integrated into the Customer Portal that allows our partners to transfer data at speeds in excess of 20 GB / hour.

How long have Oasis been in business?

Oasis was founded in 2012.

How can Oasis help our organization?

Please visit our “Solutions” pages for specific ways we can help. If you don’t see your type of organization listed, feel free to contact us so we can discuss potential ways to work together.

Is my company assigned a dedicated Project Manager?

Yes and No. For the most part, you will be working with the same person for all of your projects, but there are instances where another PM or Analyst will be assigned to a specific project. Either way, you will always know who the “owner” of any given project is and will be able to communicate with that person directly.

Are you working with other vendors in my area?

Maybe. Our list of partners is completely confidential, but for the most part, we remain a neutral resource to all of our partners irrespective of their geographic location.