eDiscovery: refreshed

Oasis procures, secures and maintains legal technology for corporate legal teams, law firms and the vendors that support them. Our unique Platform delivers a custom suite of software in a fully-managed private cloud - that provides access to leading eDiscovery applications, in world-class data centers, for a predictable monthly fee.

Procured. Secured. Well-Maintained.

We care about what matters most to you.


Command technology. Execute the most productive workflow. Cut risk, complexity and cost. Make your technology do the heavy lifting and gain a competitive advantage.


Make data security your top priority. Actively manage your organization’s risk against cyber threat and irretrievable disaster. Don’t worry, Oasis has your back.


Take control of your process. With confidence. Use the most sophisticated technology. And stay flexible so you can take advantage of opportunity when it presents itself.

Agile. Custom. Thoughtful.

We’ve created the first private cloud designed specifically for electronic discovery. It combines the hardiest, emerging eDiscovery applications into a graceful, hyper-functional suite. They smoothly integrate with one another. You gain access to a fully-managed environment for a straightforward, fixed monthly fee.

Simplify the process

Corporate Legal

Piece of mind. Control and predict costs. De-risk your business with a cloud solution that you control.

Vendor to the Vendors


We’ve been providing solutions to service providers and consulting practices since 2012. We know what we’re doing. Neutral. Trustworthy. Reliable.

Get Lean

Law Firms

Focus on what counts. You need technology to work for you, not the other way around. Emerging technology. Consistent workflow. Flexible terms. Transparent cost tracking.

They Trust Us

“We’re proud to count Oasis as a partner, and one we’ve been collaborating with for many years. They do great work for their customers, and we’re excited to shape the future of eDiscovery with them.”

- Andrew Sieja – Founder, CEO kCura

They Trust Us

“As an early adopter of our technology, Oasis has been a valuable partner for a long time now. Their understanding of technology in the eDiscovery space has been a great asset for our team.”

- Dave Copps - Founder, CEO Brainspace

They Trust Us

“Our firm is focused on delivering deep insight and high-value advising services to Fortune 1000 firms around the globe. Partnering with Oasis has given our clients a more comprehensive solution. And, it allows us - our internal team of lawyers - to remain focused on the legal work that we do best.”

- Jerri B. - Global Consulting Firm

They Trust Us

“We chose OASIS because they presented us with a cost-efficient, flexible solution for our business. This gave us access to a platform of technology that, frankly, would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to build on our own. We’ve partnered with Oasis on over 100 matters over the last 5 years, and they have proven themselves again and again.”

- Kevin P. - eDiscovery Service Provider

They Trust Us

“When we moved the hosting of our data and applications from in-house to the Oasis platform, the transition was seamless. We now have more tools at our disposal, and more flexibility to use specialized service providers. And it has made our processing and hosting services costs more predictable.”

- Robert W. - CIO AMLaw 100 firm.