Empower. Enhance. Expand.

Still trying to manage client data in-house? It’s expensive. Complex. Risky. Money spent on IT resources. Additional headcount. Long-term license agreements. Vast amounts of sensitive data… Inside our house, Oasis provides a fully managed solution for eDiscovery technology.



Predict and Control Costs.

Replace up-front investment. With a predictable monthly subscription fee. It covers software licensing, infrastructure and maintenance. The kind of price breaks usually reserved for multi-year managed service agreements. But the flexibility to use the service providers you choose:

  • Reduce risk associated with the provisioning of technology resources. Such as data centers and long-term software licenses.
  • Recover costs with a built-in model that details every penny at the matter level.
  • Use real-time dashboards to track data and accounting.

Focus on What You Do Best.

Don’t let the technical aspects of electronic discovery draw your attention away from your most important work. Oasis assumes the burden of maintaining complex eDiscovery applications. And, the vast amounts of client data associated with it. So you can solve other problems.

  • The next great App? We find the best tech – R&D, testing, etc.
  • Time for an upgrade? We manage maintenance, the latest app versions, and the best use of that tech.
  • Something not right? We assume the oversight that keeps teams from pointing fingers at one another.

Flexible and Custom.

We procure, secure and support the industry’s most sought-after applications. That includes Relativity, Brainspace, LAW and Nuix. Our clients leverage a “menu” of technologies, building a suite of applications tailored to their practice. We expand your legal team’s ability to get things done:

  • Design repeatable, consistent workflows. Using powerful, preferred technology. That insures in-house staff and vendors all get on the same page.
  • Scale storage, and throughput resources. Quickly. To adjust to the needs of constant case requirement changes. In real time.
  • Evaluate and implement new applications. Easily. As client needs vary.

Need a demo to simplify and shorten your processes?



Oasis offers a suite of eDiscovery applications hosted within a private cloud. This fully-managed IT solution provides your teams with flexibility and simplified operations, as we:

  • Leverage long-standing expertise in legal technology.
  • Curate and procure the best technology for your team.
  • Manage the supporting infrastructure within a robust, highly-secure private cloud.
  • Handle upgrades, maintenance, and training.


Relativity leads the pack of eDiscovery technology solutions. Oasis has been supporting massive DIY Relativity instances for service providers since 2012. It’s a first-class hosting environment for those who want control. Take the wheel, it’s all yours. With:

  • Full administrative control over Workspaces, Users, Servers and Productions
  • Early Case Assessment solutions, including high-volume data processing, advanced analytics and data culling.
  • Ample integrations with popular plug-ins like Brainspace, NexLP, Blackout and Translation tools.
Enrich your Relativity experience:

with LEXI – a project management tool specifically designed for litigation support. It empowers your entire team with a shared platform: Communicate instructions. Share status updates. Track costs to each individual matter. LEXI provides unprecedented, real-time insight the day-to-day of your legal operation.


Oasis has a full roster of subject matter experts (SMEs) to supplement your team. We’re here to help. To supplement. To train. To enhance. With expertise in:

  • Practice Support – Best Practices, Design and Implementation
  • Vendor Selection and RFP
  • Marketing
  • Staffing

Want to try our service? Start now. Feel free to choose.

They Trust Us

“We’re proud to count Oasis as a partner, and one we’ve been collaborating with for many years. They do great work for their customers, and we’re excited to shape the future of eDiscovery with them.”

- Andrew Sieja – Founder, CEO kCura

They Trust Us

“As an early adopter of our technology, Oasis has been a valuable partner for a long time now. Their understanding of technology in the eDiscovery space has been a great asset for our team.”

- Dave Copps - Founder, CEO Brainspace

They Trust Us

“We chose OASIS because they presented us with a cost-efficient, flexible solution for our business. This gaveus access to a platform of technology that, frankly, would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to build on our own. We’ve partnered with Oasis on over 100 matters over the last 5 years, and they have proven themselves again and again.”

- Kevin P. - eDiscovery Service Provider