Agile. Reliable. Secure.

The Oasis Platform provides easy access to an enterprise-grade, private cloud specifically designed for eDiscovery. Without capital expenditures. Without inflexible, long-term contracts. Without fees for ongoing maintenance and monitoring. It is ideal for hosting applications used by corporate legal teams, law firms, and the vendors that support them.

Our Job

We manage the servers, provide application-layer support, and handle the maintenance. We make sure the lights are always on so that you have the tools you always need.

Your Advantage

Reduce and control cost. Increase capacity and agility, while remaining flexible. Use cutting-edge legal technology. A complete solution, in a totally secure environment.


Reduce Risks. Sleep Better.

Organizations consider their data associated with electronic discovery very, very sensitive. Reduce your risk because Oasis has built a fully secure private cloud for your data. Rest assured. Our purpose-built infrastructure exceeds the highest standards for security, redundancy, and performance.


Our primary data center is a high-density, highly-redundant facility located in the Philadelphia Navy Yard. Built to SEC standards, our facility solves the challenges presented by Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, and other legislative requirements.
Our security measures and certifications include:
  • SSAE 16 audited data center.
  • ISO/IEC 27000-series compliant policies and procedures.
  • Physical, isolation, and virtualization security
  • Encryption at-rest and in-transit.
  • Backup and disaster recovery.

Leverage Our Technology … And Yours.

Choose from a “menu” of available applications to create a custom suite of software. Test and implement new applications as your requirements change. Add your existing licenses into the mix. Gain greater flexibility at the application layer.


  • Remain in control of your data and process. Our solution leverages a combination of proprietary and non-proprietary solutions to give you full control over the applications. Your data. Your software. Your success. You should be in control.
  • Do more with the tech you already have. We create the infrastructure required to support any existing licensee. Including the migration plan for the existing data. Take the strain off of internal resources. With hardware precisely optimized for applications that are always on the latest version.
  • Use more technology. New and improved technology is coming online every day. We give you affordable access to the technology you need… and want. But you don’t have to deal with research, testing, licensing, deploying and maintaining.

Control Your Costs

The Oasis Platform redefines the way you procure legal technology. We license applications, spread the cost among dozens of clients, and pass the savings to you. We buy servers and storage in bulk. We don’t require long-term contracts. Our precise solution doesn’t bundle unnecessary services.

Our customers see and monitor all fees. At the matter level. Providing transparent cost allocation and recovery. In real-time. For a single, predictable monthly price.


  • Reduce your headcount. Or redeploy them to solve other problems.
  • Scale better. Our platform solution can scale capacity quickly and efficiently. It gives customers the flexibility they need. Without long-term commitments or outrageous short-term price spikes
  • Avoid CapEx. Investment in legal technology is expensive. Convert the capital expenses of hardware and software into a predictable monthly operational expense.

Enhance Your Team. Expand Your Capacity.

The Oasis Platform augments your team: It increases your ability to expand (and contract) system resources quickly. It unlocks powerful technology for you to get tasks done. It empowers you to spend less time worrying about data and more time worrying about your clients.


  • Increase throughput and reduce bottlenecks. Leverage our high-end servers and shared resources to give your capacity an extra boost.
  • Make our SMEs your SMEs. Our subject matter experts supplement your internal team members. We already hire specialists to serve our clients. In the areas of: predictive coding, SQL database administration, application development, workflow design and staffing.
  • Train with us. We know a lot about the technology we support. We use it every day. We’re happy to share what we know. Not just about software, but on operations, marketing, legal process design, and litigation support best practices.