ESI Collection Simplified

When it comes to collecting electronically stored information, there’s no substitute for experience. Proper collection techniques require years of training and experience because of the enormous amount of variability and high penalty for mistakes. Our technicians are experienced collecting both live and offline data and have the documented procedures required to protect confidentiality, preserve chain of custody, and most importantly, provide piece of mind to our partners.

Remote Collections

Oasis technicians use a combination of proprietary and industry recognized collection software (EnCase) to remotely preserve and collect electronically stored information. Our remote toolkit allows for the live, forensically sound acquisition of data from a targeted computer without incurring the expenses associated with an onsite collection (travel, hourly rates, etc.). The efficiency achieved by this remote collection technique is passed on to our partners in the form of reduced fees and faster deployments.

Key Benefits

  • All collections can be performed after business hours, minimizing the disruption to the end-user/custodian
  • Expenses associated with travel and downtime are eliminated
  • Flat rate per custodian – i.e. a predictable price model

How it Works (basically)

  • We work with IT to create a detailed plan for the collection, including the technical requirements for remote access.
  • We provide a “boot CD” that the end-user will place in the computer being collected and an external hard drive for data storage.
  • A forensic technician will access the custodian’s computer remotely during off-hours and data will be forensically copied to the external drive.
  • The CD and external HD are retrieved by the local IT contact and shipped to the data center for analysis and/or processing

Onsite Collection

Our technicians are also able to go onsite to collect ESI. We will work with the customer to identify, organize, and collect data from laptops, network servers, mobile phones, SharePoint and other storage locations. Once source locations are identified, we create forensic images of evidence and preserve it in accordance with accepted collection protocols. It is then transported in hard-case containers designed to protect against temperature changes, physical shock and electrostatic discharge.

Frequently Asked Questions

What software do you use for data collection?

We use a version of EnCase that has proprietary plug-ins that allows us to perform remote collections without sacrificing the forensic integrity of the data.

How do you charge for collections?

Typically, the costs will be per custodian and will be dependent on the number of sources (email, desktop, network) being collected. For remote collections, a fixed cost per custodian is established prior to the collection. We are more than happy to share all pricing with potential partners, please <> to request our standard pricing.

Who bills the client?

We do not have direct relationships with the end client, only with our Partners. Consequently, we only issue invoices to our Partners and it’s up to them to pass on their cost to the end client.

Can you perform “targeted” collections?

Yes, we can target data in multiple ways to reduce the cost of collection and/or downstream costs such as processing and hosting.