Oasis provides a first-class hosting environment capable of supporting Web-based review in multiple platforms, but our primary hosting solution is Relativity. We guarantee 99.9% uptime, servers capable of supporting millions of documents and hundreds of reviewers, integration with large-scale production engines for tiffing, early case assessment options and a team of project managers that are able to train end-users, customize workflow and respond to client requests 24/7.

Data Center

Our data center, located in the Philadelphia Navy Yard, is specifically designed to address the challenges presented by the large data sets associated with today’s document review. It is built around a Compellent SAN and dozens of HP blade servers, allowing for a fully virtualized architecture with enormous scalability. We solve the compliance challenges presented by Safe Harbor, Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, SAS 70, SSAE 16, and other various legislative requirements.

Project Management

Oasis maintains a team of qualified project managers available for end-user training, database setup/configuration, custom event-handlers/scripts, and TAR/predictive coding workflow consultation. In addition to these advanced tasks, our team provides 24/7 support for basic functions such as loading data, batching, user management, add/remove tags, and various other day-to-day PM chores. In situations where our partners have qualified PM’s, we are happy to grant administrative access to the database


Oasis has full-time developers that are focused on finding creative solutions to everyday problems. We are continually developing scripts, applications and integrating third party tools into our Relativity environment. Our goal is to deliver a superior end-user experience and provide our Partners with the tools they need better manage their projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What review platforms (software) do you support?

Although we’ve considered offering multiple solutions, we’ve decided to put 100% of our focus on being excellent at a single platform: Relativity.

Can you “white label” Relativity?

Due to contractual obligations with kCura, we are unable to change the URL or place a logo on the landing page other than our own. View our login page here.

How do you charge for hosting?

Essentially, there are three billable elements involved in hosting a review project: data storage, software licenses and project management. Data storage (aka hosting fees) is billed monthly and is based on the amount of data in a given matter; the software license fee is based on the number of users that have access to the system; and project management fees are billed by the hour. We are more than happy to share all pricing with potential partners, please <<contact us>> to request our standard pricing.

Is there an assigned Project Manager for all of our projects?

For the most part, you will have a single/primary project manager assigned to your account in order to ensure consistency across all of your matters. In addition to your primary PM, other PM’s will be available to assist 24/7 with basic tasks like user creation, data loading, batching and modifications to review layouts.

Can you help migrating data from one platform to another?

Yes. We have migrated data from Concordance, Summation and others into Relativity. In most situations, we can retain the tags, annotations and other attorney work product without a problem.