Data Processing is not a commodity

Sure, processing a few gigabytes of PST files is relatively straight forward and can be handled by most vendors (including us), but Oasis was designed from the ground up to do more. Oasis is able to deliver consistent results on all types of processing projects – from large to small, simple to complex – all at a fraction of the cost associated with most service providers.

Whether you are looking for a comprehensive solution or one-time overflow assistance, we have the tools and expertise to make your project a success.


Oasis has made the investment in the tools necessary to meet the demands of super-large, super-rush projects. Our data center has over 200 TB of active, high speed storage supporting over 100 virtual servers. In addition to the massive hardware environment we have agreements in place with our software vendors to rapidly scale up (and scale down) licenses. These two elements are the “special sauce” that allows us to control costs without sacrificing throughput.


There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all workflow. Every case has unique characteristics that require vendors and consultants to adapt their processes to each engagement. In addition to dozens of template workflows that can be deployed on any given matter, we have custom developers that can go above and beyond to meet the needs of the most demanding clients.


We designed our entire processing operation – from our servers to our billing system –to be as efficient as possible. The bottom line is that our operating costs are approximately 50% of most traditional service providers, which translates into a wholesale pricing model that our partners can use to their advantage.

The Process

As the “vendor to the vendors,” Oasis is committed to providing the same level of access, transparency and overall efficiency as our partners could achieve if they brought our services in-house. We are continually creating new ways to close the gap between the sales efforts of our partners and our operations team by using everything from custom built software to good old fashioned phone calls.

  • 1

    Log in to the Customer Portal. Among other things, this custom built web application provides our partners with real-time status updates on current projects and an interactive project submission form for new projects.

  • 2

    Submit the project instructions. Choose from standard templates, create your own templates for common instructions or create instructions from scratch using over 100 options.

  • 3

    Transfer the data. Take advantage of our embedded data transfer tool (up to 20x faster than FTP) ship the physical media directly to our data center.

  • 4

    Communication. Once the project is submitted, an email will be sent to Oasis (and you will be CC’d) detailing the project specifications. Additionally, the project will be available on the Dashboard - a project tracking tool available within the Customer Portal to communicate changes in instructions, project status, ETA, billing counts, etc.

  • 5

    We do the work. An assigned technician will contact you via email with any questions and ETA for delivery. This will be your primary contact for the project and he/she will be responsible for the project from end-to-end.

  • 6

    Complete. Once the project is complete, the data will be posted to the FTP or shipped via FedEx. For projects that include database hosting, we will migrate the data to our hosting server and load the data for review.

  • 7

    Billing. Invoices are aggregated and sent out monthly. However, all billing counts are also available real-time in the Customer Portal so that our partners are able to accurately communicate cost to the end clients throughout the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I monitor the status of my projects?

The Customer Portal was created as an efficient way for our customers to submit projects, monitor ongoing jobs, transfer data and communicate with our team. Use the Dashboard to monitor the Stage, Progress, ETA, Billing Counts and Comments provided by the technician assigned to the project. In addition to the Customer Portal, our partners have direct access to the individual(s) working on their project - we don’t have layers of project managers to navigate through; instead, you will always have the option to communicate with the assigned data technician directly.

Is there an assigned Project Manager for all of our projects?

For the most part, you will have the same PM/Tech assigned for all of your projects. That said, there are times when other members of the team will need to fill in for your primary PM (things like vacations, etc.).

What is your throughput/capacity for processing data?

We are happy to share our throughput metrics with existing or potential customers; please contact us for a detailed description of our capacity. One thing to note: our entire environment is built using virtualized servers which allows us to double our capacity in 24 hours or quadruple within 48 hours. Consequently, our “baseline” capacity is somewhat irrelevant; nevertheless, we are happy to share as much information as you need.

How do I get the data to Oasis?

There are two ways to get data to and from the data center: ship the physical media or transfer it electronically. Our data center is in Philadelphia, PA and we can receive media 7 days a week. For electronic data transfer (similar to FTP), we have invested in a data-transfer technology that is integrated into the Customer Portal that allows our partners to transfer data at speeds in excess of 20 GB / hour.

What software do you use for processing?

Relativity Processing Console – also known as Invariant

How much do you charge for processing?

Oasis is more than happy to share all pricing with potential partners. We do not, however, publish pricing on our website for one important reason: it’s unfair to our partners if their customers are aware of their wholesale costs.
Please keep in mind that our pricing is flexible, especially in situations where our partners need to discount processing on large projects. We are always willing to adjust our pricing on a per-project basis to ensure our partners are priced competitively.

Who bills the client?

We do not have direct relationships with the end client, only with our Partners. Consequently, we only issue invoices to our Partners and it’s up to them to pass on their cost to the end client.