Selling eDiscovery isn’t easy.

Litigation support, lawyers and paralegals are becoming more comfortable with eDiscovery, and consequently, are demanding more from their vendors. In many cases, end-users are more knowledgeable about emerging technology, best practices and the costs of eDiscovery than their vendors, so we must all “step up our game” in order to win the confidence of these sophisticated customers.

Getting Started: Intro to eDiscovery

This free 1-hour online training session is designed to get the ball rolling. We briefly discuss the path our industry has taken over the last 10 years in order to provide context for the current and future trends. We will spend the bulk of the time talking about current topics in eDiscovery – including the EDRM, “new” federal rules, pricing trends and Web-based review.

The Next Step: 8 Trends in eDiscovery

This session, also online and free, is designed for organizations ready to take the next step with eDiscovery. Moving past the fundamental concepts, we discuss eight emerging topics that are influencing our industry today. Topics include social media, alternative pricing strategies, technology assisted review (predictive coding) and cloud computing.

Custom Training: We are here to help

The management team at Oasis has sold eDiscovery software and services for some of the most well-known vendors in the country. And now, since Oasis doesn’t sell to directly to end-users, we are in a position help our partners by providing the knowledge and experience that it takes to succeed in today’s marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for training?

Any online training is provided at no cost. However, if you would like onsite training, we simply ask that you pick up the cost of travel. Our goal is to work with our partners to develop a custom training plan that will increase their chances for success.

Free Training…what’s the catch?

There’s not a catch. Training is free because our success is dependent on our partners being able to sell eDiscovery related services, so increasing their knowledge of eDiscovery helps everyone win.

Where is a good place to get started learning about eDiscovery?

The very first place to start is - there is a tremendous amount of unbiased information that will help form a solid base of knowledge. Additionally, there are some very good bloggers out there like Craig Ball ( and publications like eDiscovery Journal and LTN