Solutions for
eDiscovery Consultants

How we
can help

As savvy clients become more familiar with eDiscovery, they tend to prefer the flexible workflow, customer service, pricing, and neutrality that independent consultants and boutique consulting firms can provide – this opposed to the one-size-fits all approach associated with the big-name consulting firms.

Oasis is specifically designed to support eDiscovery consulting organizations whose clients require cutting-edge solutions, massive throughput and the know-how necessary to support the most technically challenging cases.

Expand your Horizons

Our behind-the-scenes partnership allows consultants to extend the range of solutions they can offer their clients without the involvement of outside vendors or the investment required to bring the solutions “in-house.” Services such as data collection, processing and database hosting can be delivered consistently and efficiently, all while keeping costs under control.

Tier-1 Solutions

We provide our consulting partners (and their clients) with the most innovate solutions available today. We do this by investing heavily a state-of-the-art data center, developing unique solutions through custom software development and by licensing the best software on the market. Our team is comprised of industry veterans, all of whom have extensive experience managing high-profile cases around the globe.


Our prices are set well below market so that our partners can mark-up our services and enjoy wide profit margins on their projects. We are happy to provide standard pricing upon request, but our goal is to keep prices at 50-60% of the retail price in a given market.


We do not market our services directly to law firms or corporations – that’s the role of our partners – instead, we stay behind the scenes, providing the technology and people necessary to meet the objectives of the end-users. We are firmly committed to the wholesale business model and will never go behind a partner’s back in an attempt to establish relationships directly with the end client.


Our partners don’t want us to manage their expectations– instead, they want full disclosure and transparency. Consequently, we give our partners access to all information – good and bad – as close to real-time as possible. Our partners receive same level of access and visibility as they would if we shared the same office.