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Imaging/Reprographics Vendors

Get in
the Game

For the last 10 years, eDiscovery has grown exponentially, yet some traditional service providers haven’t joined the party yet. Let’s face it: although paper-based services like photocopying, bates labeling and scanning are not going anywhere in the near future, electronic discovery is growing at a much faster rate, and with it, the opportunity to make money providing solutions. Whether you see eDiscovery as new opportunity for growth or a means of survival in an evolving industry, it is time to seriously consider how to take advantage of this growing trend.

Bridge the Gap

The ability to provide clients with an eDiscovery solution requires a large up-front investment – an investment that can prove difficult to recoup if revenue goals are not quickly achieved. Oasis is well aware of this challenge and we are happy to provide the resources your organization will need to provide forensic collections, data processing, and database hosting for the short or long-term.

Keep your Focus

A partnership with Oasis allows you to take advantage of revenue opportunities associated with eDiscovery by leveraging the relationships you already have. Although there is a great deal of overlap between paper-based services and eDiscovery, there are critical differences, and consequently, a partnership with Oasis is a simpler and more profitable approach than bringing the services in-house.


We do not market our services directly to law firms or corporations – that’s the role of our partners – instead, we stay behind the scenes, providing the technology and people necessary to meet the objectives of the end-users. Although we may work directly with an end-user on any given project, we never market our services to them, thereby ensuring that we do not compete with our partners for business.


Our prices are set well below market so that our partners can mark-up our services and enjoy wide profit margins on their projects. We are happy to provide standard pricing upon request, but our goal is to keep prices at 50-60% of the retail price in a given market.


We recognize that we are not the only vendor that is available to assist with eDiscovery projects. However, our unique “vendor to the vendors” approach leads to more reliable, customized solutions for the end-client and our wholesale business model translates to more money to the bottom line for our partners.