Solutions for
Legal Document Review Providers

How we
can help

Oasis is uniquely designed to integrate seamlessly with other vendors that specialize in legal staffing and document review. This integration allows our partners to capture revenue associated with other phases of discovery and strengthen the quality of their core business through better control of upstream processes.

Capture Revenue

Our behind-the-scenes operation allows our partners to extend the range of solutions they can offer their clients without the involvement of third-party vendors or the investment necessary to bring the solutions “in-house.” Our prices are set well below market so that our partners can mark-up our services and enjoy wide profit margins.

Expand your Horizons

It is easier to manage a single vendor than it is to manage multiple niche providers; consequently, many savvy clients are looking to consolidate vendor relationships whenever possible. When a client is looking for an end-to-end solution, being able to provide services like data collection, processing and hosting are critical to remain competitive.

Control the Process

Here are six ways that an integrated solution that includes Collection, Processing, Hosting, Review and Production translates into a more cost-effective solution for the end client.

  • 1

    Predictability: By integrating the processing and hosting phases, the pipeline of documents available to the review team will be more efficient, predictable and cost-effective.

  • 2

    Quicker Setup: Integrating the process allows us to re-use templates, coding forms, security groups, and other time consuming elements of database creation.

  • 3

    Productions: Integration allows for the “tiffing” of documents identified by the review team on a real-time and/or nightly basis. This process eases the pressure associated with tight production deadlines.

  • 4

    Reusing Work Product: By consistently using the same Hosting/Review vendor, end-users can take advantage of previous tags, redactions, etc. In other words, previous work-product can be applied in new matters, translating to a more efficient document review.

  • 5

    Reduced Processing Costs: Don’t process the same documents twice. We can simply migrate documents from a previous case into a new one, reducing the need to re-collect, re-process and re-load the same documents over and over.

  • 6

    Metrics: We can provide reports and dashboards that prove our efficiencies, track custodians from end-to-end, help predict costs and many other useful things that cannot be accomplished in a multi-vendor situation.