Trust. Focus. Control.

Control when you want it. Support when you need it. Consider us your ‘silent partner.’ We make it our job to get you the tools you need …so you can do your job and win more business.



Stay Focused.

Oasis frees your team from the weight of maintaining complex eDiscovery applications. And the vast data associated with it. Investing in your own technical resources is becoming increasingly more complex and costly: Data center resources. Expensive software. Risk management programs. Qualified talent. The whole shebang. But, we free up your staff to focus on services that deliver more value to clients.

  • We made the investment. High performance servers. Robust disaster recovery plans. IT teams. 24-hour support. So, you don’t have to.
  • We researched the best software. Learned it. Tested it. Licensed it. Built out infrastructure to support it. Integrated it. Then found trainers to impart it. So you don’t have to.
  • We agonized over scale. Up. Down. Around. For the needs of a single project. Or, for a new, large client. How to scale resources. How to control costs. How to adjust to the work flow. So you don’t have to.

Retain Control.

Control your data. Control your applications. Control your costs. Taking control of technology and data security is core to your business. For the client’s sake. We care deeply about keeping their data safe. We give you full control over every aspect of your environment.

  • Our data center, and the policies we have in place to safeguard your data, meet the highest standards of cyber-security: ISO270001 and SSAE 16 Soc 2.
  • You have control over your servers and your applications.
  • Hosted applications on our private cloud reduce your costs. The move from capital expenditures to monthly operational costs creates greater predictability. And smoother, linear cash flow.

Join Forces.

Oasis has assembled a team of specialists to enhance your team’s capabilities: Sales professionals. Workflow consultants. Marketing people. Trainers. Database admins. Relativity RCA’s & RCIS’s. Each one dedicated to helping you to make the most of the technology. To supplement your team.

  • Access personalized training programs for your project managers and sales professionals.
  • Call upon SMEs with deep knowledge in forensics, predictive coding, IT/Database optimization, and advanced workflow.
  • Ply our resources for everything from pricing strategy to killer RFPs.

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Oasis provides an effective suite of eDiscovery applications. Hosted within a private cloud. Fully-managed IT solution to give you and your clients flexibility and simplified operations. On your behalf, we:

  • Curate, procure and maintain the latest and most popular technologies.
  • Host the data within a robust, highly-secure private data center.
  • Manage the overall infrastructure with software upgrades, technical troubleshooting, performance monitoring, and application support.


Oasis has been providing “full tenancy” Relativity environments to vendors and consulting groups since 2012. We architected our Relativity environment from the ground up. To give you the control you need. Without the hard work and expense required to license it yourself.

  • 99.9% uptime guaranteed.
  • A behind-the-scenes technical team to back you up.
  • Integration built between Relativity and Brainspace, NexLP, Blackout, Veritone, LSI Translations, Law & Nuix.
  • Early Case Assessment options, including DIY processing.
Enrich Your Relativity Experience.

LEXI is a project management tool specifically designed for Relativity. Its ticketing system lets your clients easily communicate instructions. An invoicing module helps you streamline the billing process. LEXI also unlocks functionality usually reserved for Relativity System Administrators: Workspace Creation, User Management and Web Processing.


Our team of SMEs and trainers teach the best practices on a wide range of topics specific to our industry. With specific workshops. E-learning sessions. Best practice documents. They guide you on your path. To deliver top-rate service to your clients. They empower your teams in:

  • Relativity Administration and Project Management.
  • Advanced Analytics and Workflow (including Assisted Review/Predictive Coding).
  • Sales and Business Development.
  • Marketing, Management and Hiring Best Practices.

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They Trust Us

“We’re proud to count Oasis as a partner, and one we’ve been collaborating with for many years. They do great work for their customers, and we’re excited to shape the future of eDiscovery with them.”

- Andrew Sieja – Founder, CEO kCura

They Trust Us

“As an early adopter of our technology, Oasis has been a valuable partner for a long time now. Their understanding of technology in the eDiscovery space has been a great asset for our team.”

- Dave Copps - Founder, CEO Brainspace

They Trust Us

“We chose OASIS because they presented us with a cost-efficient, flexible solution for our business. This gave us access to a platform of technology that, frankly, would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to build on our own. We’ve partnered with Oasis on over 100 matters over the last 5 years, and they have proven themselves again and again.”

- Kevin P. - eDiscovery Service Provider