Custom Technology Solutions for Legal Professionals

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Should we move to RelativityOne?
Let's talk about it. Whether your project calls for the classic workflows of on-prem Relativity or the modern feel of RelativityOne, you decide without committing to either long-term. Discover the Difference
Should we outsource or insource data hosting services?
Centralize your data. Let us put it in our secured, shared private cloud or a private cloud we build just for you. Maintain control while we manage the logistics. How We Make This Easy
Hosting client data poses too much risk.
Remove the risk. Host client data in your own secure, private cloud. Our builds are SOC 2 Type 2 and HIPAA compliant, plus ISO certified for cloud security and virtual PII management. See Our Data Center Specs
How do we meet the client’s privacy and security requirements?
Meet client requirements. Give clients the highest level of security: their data is protected by an ISO certified InfoSec team in physically locked-down data centers that are monitored 24/7. Privacy & Security Specs
Our technology stack needs modernizing.
Update your stack. Choose from a carefully selected menu of eDiscovery applications. From basic to advanced workflows, you’ll have the best-suited tools for each case on demand. More About Our Platform
We need access to the latest in technology assisted review.
What's ours is yours. We have a software curation team, so you’ll have access to both the technology and the subject matter experts to make your projects successful. Check Out Our Suite of Tech
Is it time to move our Relativity instance to the cloud?
We make it easy. Host your data in our shared private cloud or let us build you a dedicated private cloud. You control everything while we handle the maintenance and upgrades. Get More Info
We need to spend less time troubleshooting.
We'll do it for you. Plus: licensing, upgrades, maintenance, and optimization. We keep your technology running as it should so you can focus on what matters most.
How can we ease the burden on our IT?
We'll handle that. Our IT team is made up of industry veterans that specialize in optimizing your technology, from server and network management to database administration and application maintenance.
We need to simplify the budget and streamline client billing.
No problem. Receive a single invoice and concurrent contract terms for all your eDiscovery technology. Pay as you go and track every penny to its specific matter. More About Our Platform
We'd like to extend our capabilities overseas.
Grow your footprint. All our US offerings are also available in the UK, hosted in one of the world's most advanced data centres. Data Centre Specs PDF
Give us freedom from long term contracts and inflexible pricing.
No problem. Choose from a menu of today’s leading technology. Pay only for what you use—on demand—without the need to prepay or commit long term. More About Our Platform

Custom Technology Solutions for Legal Professionals

What Makes Oasis Unique

eDiscovery Software

Choose from over fifteen of the industry’s top eDiscovery applications in our collection of legal tech. You’ll get access to the applications you need (fully managed by us) in a private cloud you control.


managed hardware

Our cloud solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of eDiscovery. We optimize the hardware, data center, and security operations to work seamlessly with today’s best legal technology in a secure, private cloud environment.


Smart people who
love what they do

We’re a team of industry veterans that has a reputation for being good at what we do. We work with organizations all over the world to provide them with the right technology, hardware, and people to get the job done.


Established security achievements

Customer data protection is our highest priority. As an Oasis partner, you’ll benefit from our information security management system that’s designed, managed, and certified to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.


Internationally Recognized Certifications

The Highest Security Standards

Download Our Complete Security & Privacy PDF

ISO 27001

ISO 27017

ISO 27018

Cyber Essentials Plus

HIPAA Compliant

Soc 2 Type II

IaaS Solutions Built Specifically To Solve Your Problems

Infrastructure as a Service

fully responsive

Our Unique IaaS Advantage

Oasis is the only cloud provider with infrastructure designed to meet the unique needs of eDiscovery. We optimize the hardware, data center, and security operations to work seamlessly with today’s best legal technology in a secure, private cloud environment.

With the right hardware and the right people, your team’s technology will work like it’s supposed to—100% of the time.


  • High Performance Hardware
  • Private Cloud You Control
  • World-Class Data Centers
  • Managed Services
  • Hybrid Options
  • A Partner You Can Trust
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Service & Experience Focused

A Few Words From Our Partners

Custom Industry-Leading Software Solutions

Suite of Technology

fully responsive

Exactly What You've Been Missing

Choose from over fifteen of the industry’s top eDiscovery software applications in our collection of legal tech. Forget about licensing, deploying, or maintaining them–that’s our job. You’ll get access to the applications you need–fully managed by us–in a private cloud you control.

Whether our software suite serves as a comprehensive, outsourced solution or simply complements your existing software, we’ll help you work with the best tool for your project.


  • Software on Demand
  • Training
  • Everything Under One Roof
  • Unmatched Support
  • Flexible Terms
  • Expert Consulting
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Technology, IT, Support & Security Professionals

Meet the Team

Oasis CEO Brandon Law

Brandon Law

Oasis COO Sal Dababneh

Saleem Dababneh

Oasis VP of Technology Jacob Dababneh

Jacob Dababneh

VP of Technology
Oasis Executive Vice President Andy Kennedy

Andy Kennedy

Executive Vice President

Our team is made up of database administrators, IT professionals, developers, and subject matter experts at the intersection of eDiscovery, security, and infrastructure management. We are a fully distributed team with members all over the US, South America, and the UK.

Meet The Whole Team

Licensed eDiscovery Software & Secure Private Infrastructure

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