Our Story

Oasis Discovery Partners was founded by a small group of industry veterans with experience working in virtually every aspect of eDiscovery. Our background is diverse, but most of our experience is on the “vendor side” – including senior level positions at well known service providers and software vendors. The idea for Oasis, a company dedicated to being a “vendor to the vendors,” was simply a matter of acknowledging what our collective experience told us was an obvious need in the industry.

So, early in 2012 we put together a business plan, got funding and started a company with a distinct niche in an otherwise crowded industry. Put simply, Oasis is a small group of tech “geeks” that want to provide a neutral resource for all of our friends in the industry.

Our Promise

We do not work directly with or market our services directly to law firms or corporations – i.e. end-users. Our only customers are other vendors, consultants and other niche service providers. We have adopted this policy in order to avoid any conflicts of interest and to provide additional assurance that we will never attempt to go around our partner and “steal” a relationship.

Our Pricing

Oasis is more than happy to share all pricing with potential partners. We do not, however, publish pricing on our website for one important reason: it’s unfair to our partners if their customers are aware of available wholesale costs.

That said, our goal is to keep prices at 50-60% of the retail price in a given market so our partners are able to enjoy wide profit margins on their projects.

Our Partners

Many of the nation’s most recognized eDiscovery vendors have partnered with Oasis at one time or another, but we remain completely behind the scenes, providing seamless integration with their services; neither the end-user nor the competition has any knowledge that Oasis was involved.

Our Data Center

Our data center is a high-density, highly-redundant facility located in the Philadelphia Navy Yard. The data center was built to SEC standards and solves the challenges around data security presented by Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, SOX, and other legislative requirements. Additionally, our data center has been certified as a SSAE-16 compliant and Safe Harbor facility.

Our Team

  • Brandon Law,

  • Andy Kennedy,
    Executive Vice President of Sales

  • Jacob Dababneh,
    Director of eDiscovery Operations

  • Jeffrey Morales,
    Sr. Analyst

  • Aaron Pyle,
    Project Manager | HR

  • Cecilia Mendoza,
    Project Manager

  • Christine Porras,
    Partner Development Manager

  • Matthew King,
    Project Manager

  • Hung Le,
    Data Analyst

Check our LinkedIn page for a complete list of our current team members.